About Cyn Hadyn

I’m a transplanted Yankee now residing in Florida.  I was employed by the Department of Defense for twenty-four years as a military historian specializing in Special Operations.  I also worked as an archivist and as a museum technician.  Now I’m enjoying a new career as a paranormal/historical fiction romance writer for Rebel Ink Press. I currently have nine books in both Ebook and paper through Amazon.  My paranormal Poseidon series includes Aurelia, Auric, Clann Doone, and Hearts Asunder.  The paraonormal/historical offerings are:  Candles on the Beach, Parts 1 & 2, Piper Paid and Bloodstock.  I also have a M/M modern romance entitled The Danegeld.  In 2016 I joined ten other romance writers in self-publishing an Erotic Anthology novella entitled, Sizzling Florida Heat.   My contribution was entitled, Basket Case.  I’d love to hear from you on my website or through my Facebook, Cyn Hadyn, author page.



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