Getting to Know Thor

Thor we’ve seen your skills as part of Poseidon’s security team this past year, but the readers would like to know more about the Thor before Aurelia and Auric came into your life?

Before I met Aurelia and Auric Argento, I was a Navy SEAL who had no idea that Poseidon, the god of the seven seas, really existed outside the covers of a book on Greek mythology.  I enjoyed being a SEAL—I guess I’m an adrenaline junkie who is anal retentive enough to like military regimentation

What was your childhood like?  What did your parents do?

 My mother died when I was quite young,  and my father was a naval Underwater Demolition guy who got out and opened an underwater welding business.  We moved around quite a bit, inside and outside of the United States so I obviously didn’t join the Navy to see the world.  I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life when I graduated high school so I fell back on the Navy.  It became the only family I had when my Dad didn’t surface from one of his deep underwater welding jobs.

Did you have a ‘normal’ childhood, would you say?

Not really, my Dad taught me to dive before I could walk—just kidding, but I did learn to dive in elementary school.  I probably had gills behind my ears.  Being a diver taught me how to keep a rein on my Viking temper and think before acting.  You don’t go off half-cocked fifty feet underwater!

Before joining Seidon Security you were a Navy SEAL; did you always want to be a SEAL?  What drove you to become one?

As I told you, I joined the Navy because I didn’t really know at eighteen what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I was already a certified diver by the time I enlisted so I naturally gravitated toward the diving slots. Joining the SEALs gave me the family I missed when my father died.

Which job is harder?

Well, going through BUD/S was physically painful but transforming into a dolphin was physically and psychologically more frightening.  As a human, I had no clue such creatures existed.  Thank the gods Aurelia and Bard were there to explain the changes I was going through or I’d probably be a permanent resident in some Navy Psych ward.

What do you miss about your former life as a SEAL?

That’s easy, my team.  We were really close and knew how each of us would react when the, um, stuff hit the fan.  I’ve had to cut my ties with them for security reasons, but there are times I really wish Poseidon would recruit them for his team.

You’ve had a significant change in your life, from a SEAL to an actual dolphin.  Do you think you’ve overcome the adjustment period?

Oh yeah, being a dolphin has its perks.  I can eat absolutely anything and in any quantity I want and still maintain an optimum fighting weight.  Dolphin metabolism rocks!  Also being underwater without having to wear all of the restrictive diving gear is a plus, especially never running out of air.

Being a dolphin seems pretty neat, what do you like the best?

The speed and agility. I love doing tail walks and total body flips.  I especially like dining al fresco on any fish that catches my eye if I’m hungry.

Are you still razzing Bard aka “Dad”?  Have you met any more of your new family?

I love torturing Bard with the fact that he is my sire.  He was so not ready to be a Dad.  Now that he and Aurelia are about to be parents, I am looking forward to being the eldest sibling.

Now let’s get into the good stuff…. How’s it going with your life mate Auric Argento?

I think I would be understating the facts if I said we had a rocky start.  Neither one of us wanted to be mated to another male but the gods can sometimes have whacked senses of humor.  We’re still in the discovery phase of learning what emotional buttons not to push.
Have you discovered those little differences between you two as any married couple does, like does Auric replace the empty paper towels with a new roll?  Do you agree on how to load the dishwasher?

I try to keep Auric out of the kitchen; he’s been known to poison people with his cooking.   Yes, Auric will replace the paper towels if you hand him a new roll and point to where the towel holder is.

What would Auric say to the same question?

Auric likes to eat so he concedes the cooking to me, but he is fair about doing the cleanup and dish washing.  While we don’t actually agree on how to stack the dishes in the dishwasher, we do agree that it doesn’t really matter as long as they all come out clean.

And finally, what your readers really want to know, boxers or briefs?

Actually it was Commando before I met Auric, but now it’s silk boxers.  Auric has taught me to appreciate the feel of silk on my skin.


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