Clann Doone

Clann doone clear cover

“Clann” means family, and when Thoralf Lokken rescues seal pups from a shark attack, his family instantly doubles.  The pups are actually orphaned Finfolk twins with an uncanny resemblance to his bondmate, lifemate, and day-walking vampire lover, Auric Argento Doone.  Now the two Poseidon agents must learn how to raise twin boys with budding mage powers, a socially unacceptable penchant for four-letter descriptive adjectives, and a total unfamiliarity with any mundane social behavior.

Even the tight-knit band of Poseidon agents, shape-shifters all, must make room for a possible growth in the family when Zach Duvall, U.S. Navy SEAL, is horribly wounded in Afghanistan, and is faced with the dilemma of having his leg amputated above the knee or buying into his former Chief’s story of signing on with an operation so secret he can’t know what their mission is until after he signs on the dotted line.  Some choice. Consent to the operation and no longer be part of the SEALs, the only family he has ever known, or trust Thoralf Lokken and sign on and hope like hell Lokken wasn’t lying when he said this mysterious agency has the best doctors in the world, and he’d soon be doing the same things he did in the SEALs, but for more money and with two functional legs.

Emrys Pendragon, newly crowned king of the Blue dragon wyvern, and Auric and Thor’s next door neighbor, is having troubles of his own.  His beach house, once so quiet and conducive to composing the songs for his livelihood, is now inundated with bodyguards and liaisons from other wyverns.  But it is a stalker who will threaten the lives of his queen and the sons of Auric and Thoralf.  He will have to confront the malicious stranger to secure his precarious hold on his wyvern.


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